BRIAN NEAL - "This Is What I Believe"

This was Brian's first Christian album release - 2001


SONG LIST: "I Want To Be Just Like You", Let's Show Them The Way", "Forever", "This Is What I Believe", "Glorified", "I Will Be Still", "Come With Me", "Surrender",

"I Will", "The Rock", "I Was Made For Praising You" and "Clay's Song".

BRIAN NEAL - "Song of My Heart"

This was Brian's second Christian album release - 2003


SONG LIST: "Awaken", "Come Ye Sinners", "Knocking on Heaven's Door", "Nothing Left of Me", "Cover Up My Heart", "I Will Praise", "Song of My Heart", "Whiter Than Snow", "Who You Want Me To Be", "Reflections", "Kindness", "Clay's Song", "You Are", "Psalm 148" and "Knocking on Heaven's Door" (Radio Mix)


BRIAN NEAL - "Stairways and Exits"

This was Brian's third Christian album release - 2005


SONG LIST: "Awaken", "I Will Praise", "Glorified", "I Will Be Still", "Cover Up My Heart", "Who You Want Me To Be", "Forever", "Come, Ye Sinners", "Reflections", "Let's Show Them The Way", "I Was Made For Praising You", "Knocking on Heaven's Door", "Psalm 148", "Whiter Than Snow", "Come With Me" and "Clay's Song".

BRIAN NEAL - "Proskuneo"

This was Brian's fourth Christian album release - 2007


SONG LIST: "When Love Comes To Town", "Voices", "Fed Up", "Lord I Lift Your Name On High", "Broken", "Saved", "Lay It Down", "Proskuneo", "Who Is Like Our God", "O' Come Emmanuel" and "Take It Away".

BRIAN NEAL - "The Worship Project"

This was Brian's fifth Christian album release - 2008


SONG LIST: "Show Me The Way", "For The Glory of Christ", "Sweep Me Away", "O' Come Emmanuel", "Saved", "Wonderful", "Broken", "Voices" and "You Are Welcome".

BRIAN NEAL - "Kaleidoscope"

This was Brian's sixth Christian album release - 2015.
This is a compilation album of Brian's previous work.


SONG LIST: "Forever", "Lord I Worship You", "I Will Be Still", "Wonderful", "Saved", "Come, Ye Sinners", "For the Glory of Christ", "You Are Welcome", "Voices", "Cover Up My Heart", "Broken", "I Will Praise", "Show Me The Way", and "Whiter Than Snow".