A Letter from the Ephrata Area School District in PA:


Dear Mr. Neal,


Thank you again for the wonderful assembly you provided. Your message was extremely powerful and very much necessary for our students to hear. Though your journey has not been an easy one, we believe you have found your calling. Please feel free to come back and visit us at any time. We wish you the best in all that you do.




Stacie Bardell



"CHOICES" - Public School Speaking


This address to students touches on the following points: Drugs, Alcohol, Suicide, Music and Peer Pressure. Brian will talk about the consequences of their choices and actions and how the five topics mentioned above can influence their lives and the lives of others. He will utilize parts of his own life story as examples of what not to do and share a few other life experiences as well. He will issue a challenge to the students to not follow the crowd and to not just go along with the flow. To think for themselves and to not believe everything they see, read and hear from their peers, on the internet, in movies, magazines, etc…


Brian will challenge them to examine their lives and current life choices and to understand that moral relativism is false. That right and wrong does exist and that life does have meaning. He will encourage students to live with the future in mind and to not just live in the moment.


During these public school assemblies/addresses, Brian does not focus attention on or talk about God or Christianity. He focus’s on the positive and negative results of an individual’s actions and how they affect others and the individual person. This program is designed with the public school system in mind.



Here are a couple of quotes from a Public School in Ephrata, PA:


"Mr. Neal delivered an extremely powerful assembly to our students and staff. The topics he discussed were tailored to fit the current needs of our fifth and sixth graders. Every pre-teen and teen should have the opportunity to experience Brian Neal." - Josh McCracken - Assistant Principal - Ephrata Intermediate School - Ephrata, PA.


"He went through some pretty tough things and pulled through it. It showed me to never give up." - a comment from Ben - a Sixth grade student at Ephrata Intermediate School - Ephrata, PA.