The passion of Brian’s life and ministry is to continually seek out opportunities to lead people to God’s throne and to introduce the ones that are searching for the Truth to the grace and love of Jesus Christ.


"Evangelism and making disciples is NOT about condemning and shouting at people or standing on a street corner with a sign that proclaims how 'God' feels about them, their sin and/or that sentences them to an eternity in Hell. It's NOT about beating them over the head with a Bible and belittling them. Real evangelism is about 'LOVING' people right where they are and it's about sharing the LOVE and GRACE of God with them in a non-combative way. That's what JESUS did and that's what I attempt to do each day of my life. I do my best to let the dust from Jesus' sandals fall upon me as I follow in His foot steps and to be 'LOVE' to the hurting and the lost." - <>< brian neal <><

The blueprint and strategy of Brian Neal’s mission of making disciples is simply this:


The 4 C’s


CARRY the anointing and the fire of God to the world.

CREATE an atmosphere of passion for Christ and compassion for the lost.

CHANGE hearts, win souls and advance the kingdom of God.

CULTIVATE a kingdom mind-set within the Body of Christ – the church.


Brian also believes that right now and more than ever, the Body of Christ needs to be strengthened and encouraged. He does so by bringing the life-changing Word of God to the masses with the power and authority of Jesus Christ steadily by his side.

Over the years, Brian has had the privilege of praying with and leading thousands and thousands of men, women and boys and girls to Jesus Christ during ministry events, church services and out in the streets. He has also encouraged countless more to seek a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. Seeing lives impacted for God is what drives him to do what he does for God.


In the past, Brian has served on staff as a Contemporary Worship Pastor, a Discipleship & Teaching Pastor, and as a Student Ministry Pastor at (4) four churches around the United States. He also served at and partnered with a very large Single Adult ministry based out of the Baltimore/Washington DC area.


Brian had this to say about the ministry that God has placed him in:


"My whole ministry is based upon one word and that word is: LOVE"


I LOVE JESUS - I love the man that sacrificed His life for me and that gave me a new life. He saved me from myself and He showed me what love is truly all about. With all that I am and with all that I have, I follow Him daily and at all costs - I try to let Him shine brightly in everything that I do.


I LOVE the CHURCH – It’s the Body of Christ. Jesus gave His life for it. How can I not love it?


I LOVE seeing LIVES CHANGED – Getting to be God's Hands and Feet here on earth and having the opportunity to watch hearts changed, souls won and the advancement of the kingdom of God is everything to me.


I LOVE to WORSHIP – I love ushering people in to God’s throne room and watching them bask in His presence.


I LOVE PEOPLE - God desires a relationship with ‘all’ people and so do I. Love your neighbor as yourself.


I LOVE to SERVE – Jesus was a servant and I do my best to emulate Him by walking in the dust of His footsteps.


I LOVE what I DO – I absolutely love what I get to do for Jesus Christ on a daily basis. I was born to do this and it’s my calling from God.”

Brian is also a Motivational Speaker for Public & Christian Schools. In the past, he has spoken at quite a few schools on the subject of "CHOICES". During these school assemblies, Brian talks about how our everyday choices can affect our lives and other peoples lives in the here and now and in the future. During the presentation, he touches on the subjects of: Drugs, Alcohol, Suicide, Peer Pressure, Music, Pornography, Texting while driving an automobile, etc... These presentations have impacted thousands of students all around the United States in a very positive way.


Contact us today to discuss booking Brian for an event. Brian is available for a multitude of different types of speaking engagements.


Here are a few examples:


Church Services

Revivals & Crusades

Summer & Winter Camps

Recovery Ministry Groups & Events

Teen Challenge International Centers & Festivals

D-Now's (Disciple Now - Youth Weekend)

Youth & Young Adult Church Group Events

Senior Adult Retreats & Events

Outdoor Festivals

Youth Centers

Youth Retreats & Lock-in's

Prison Ministry

Chapel Services

Drug & Alcohol Dependency Centers

Public & Christian School Student Assemblies


Ask about Brian's special presentation/worship event called: "Tetelestai - A Good Friday Experience". It's an interactive and multi-sensory worship event that will leave a life-changing imprint on every attendee. It works very well any time of the year, but especially during the days leading up to Easter.