Getting Close

We are getting into the final stages with the album. My producer Buddy Gibbons and I are currently mixing all of the songs down, tweaking and editing them and preparing them to go the mastering engineer. God has definitely blessed me with an awesome collection of songs and He has blessed me with and surrounded me with some great musicians that have poured themselves into this project. I can't wait for each of you to hear this album. The quality of the songs (lyrically and musically) go well beyond anything that I've done or have been involved with in the past. Right now, I could definitely use your assistance and help financially. Please consider making a donation to my album fundraising campaign today at:

By doing so - you are sowing seeds into a collection of songs that are going to encourage and lead many people to the feet of Jesus Christ in authentic worship. A special thanks to everyone that has been praying for me through out this process. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Thanks and be blessed.

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