18 Years of Recovery

Last Friday night, I received my 18 year chip at the Parkside Community Church Celebrate Recovery meeting in Camp Verde, AZ. Thank you Jesus for walking along side of me on the road of recovery. 18 years of freedom from substance abuse and drug addiction. Thank you to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ that have encouraged me and held me accountable over the years. God bless each of you. It was also a special night because I got to see my friend and Parkside Community Church CR leader Chris Geter receive his 10 year chip. Congrats Chris!

If you have never visited a Celebrate Recovery meeting - I encourage you to do so. I believe in this ministry with all of my heart. Over the years, I have seen thousands and thousands of people that have been set free and encouraged by this ministry all around the United States. It's not just for substance abuse. Only one in three people attend for alcohol and drugs. It is for everyone. It is meant to help anyone that is dealing with hurts, habits and hang ups. It's for people dealing with a divorce, anger, depression, fear, shame, abuse, pornography, co-dependency, stress, gambling, job loss, insecurity, eating disorders, enabling, un-forgiveness, guilt, sexual addiction, over working, etc... as I said - it's for everyone. Everybody has a struggle and a hurt of some kind. Don't try to overcome it alone. There is help and there is hope. Check out a Celebrate Recovery near you and plug-in and keep coming back, For information and to find a meeting near you, please visit: www.celebraterecovery,com

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