Excerpts from Crossfire Youth Ministries Newsletter


"What an incredible opportunity to take 30+ teens away for the 16th annual United Zion Camp weekend. Friday afternoon I drove the big blue bus to Ashland for 3 boys & 2 adults. Returned to the Crossfire barn by 6pm to load up the rest of the crew and head off for a great weekend. God was all over this weekend as Brian Neal shared in song & message. It was a joy to watch the students interact with each other. The laughter and smiles as they played games in the gym, took turns on the climbing wall & learned how to shoot a bow and arrow. When devotions times came the students were engaged and attentive. Brian shared his heart and starting Friday night God revealed His presence and touched students lives. A highlight was Saturday evening as Brian was wrapping up his message and prayer time - I placed a small wooden bench in the front of the room and asked the group to imagine that God has placed a banquet table in front of you and to come up and receive what He has for you. What an amazing scene as student after student and adults took turns to come up and kneel down and ask God to pour into their lives....all this while Brian Neal sang worship songs.....God truly moved over this crew and is touching lives. Thursday Middle School night:

This past Thursday evening Brian Neal shared in song and message. We had 35 students join us. At the conclusion of the evening Brian asked for a response for God - almost every student came to the center of the floor for prayer. What an amazing evening - we are continuing to see new students show who have tons of hurt in their lives and see God do an awesome work and draw them into His family & bring Hope and Healing to them.....God is so Good! Ashland Youth Center:

This past Saturday Brian Neal joined us in Ashland to perform a mini concert. We ended up with about 30 joining us, including 3 adults from town. Brian sang, shared and prayed. A grandmother who showed up with her 5 grandkids came up to me at the close and was crying - sharing this event was just for her. She was very depressed with family issues and was so encouraged to be here....we got to pray and connect her with a local church for continued encouragement. Another couple - husband and wife - indicated a desire to have God do a work in their home - the husband has a tumor and cancer. We gathered around them and prayed God's healing touch on his life and again connected them with a pastor in town. God is stirring in this hurting community of Ashland and we truly value your continued prayers over this community!"

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