Jesus made His presence known.

Last night, I had the opportunity to speak and lead worship at Hempfield United Methodist Church in Lancaster, PA. My best friend - JESUS showed up and made His presence known. They heard the Truth and responded accordingly. 22 students and adults got out of their seats and said YES to Jesus and gave their lives to Him.

They heard and accepted the difference between being religious and having a relationship with Jesus Christ. There's a big difference between knowing about Him and knowing Him personally. God is good and Jesus is still in the business of saving and changing lives.

Please keep my wife and I in your prayers this week. I will be in Manheim, PA tomorrow night and I then have additional ministry events throughout this week in PA. If you are a Pastor, a youth worker or a ministry leader - I would love to come to your House of Worship, ministry center and town/city to partner in ministry with you. Give me a shout today and let's setup a time of worship and sharing. I am available for revival services as well. Have an awesome day and God bless each of you.

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