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Welcome to the BRIAN NEAL Social Networking page. Through the Social Media Web-Links and Forum/Chat Network below you can connect with Brian, his ministry team and with other fans of his music and ministry.


Brian Neal is not the typical music artist. His ultimate goal and God-given mission is to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and to lead people to God's Truth and to God's Throne via authentic worship. Brian's interaction with concert & ministry event attendee's does not end when he leaves the venue or church. He is all about forming relationships with his music fans from around the world and especially with past and current ministry & concert event attendee's. We can't get through this life all alone. God placed within us a deep desire to have relationships and for community. On this page you will find multiple ways to plug-in to God's Community and to personally communicate with Brian.


Below you can connect with, add, like or follow Brian Neal via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, Google, Linked-In, MyLook, Tumblr, etc...

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On the BRIAN NEAL FORUM - you can talk with Brian and/or engage other website visitors in real time. On this dynamic discussion forum board - you can quickly and easily post comments, questions and even photos on the different topic boards and chat back and forth live and in real time.


Click the FORUM button below to enter.

Periodically - BRIAN will be facilitating and hosting live discussions and teachings on different topics. Check back often for the latest info and for the  scheduled dates and times of these live on-line events.