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International Festival"

Recorded at the Teen Challenge "Celebrate" Festival in Pennsylvania. 3,000 people in attendance.


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A few words from Brian Neal: "I have a very special place in my heart for men and women that have been impacted and touched by the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction. I have experienced the bondage and destruction of these addictions firsthand in my own life and in the lives of others that were very close to me. Teen Challenge is near and dear to my heart and I whole-heartily believe in this faith-based solution. All of the people in this world that are dealing with drug and alcohol addiction do not need just another rehab program to try and change them - they need JESUS CHRIST. Teen Challenge understands that concept completely and that is why I support them and love to partner with them in ministry whenever and where ever I am provided the opportunity to do so."


"If you are a Teen Challenge Director - I would love to come and worship with you and your students during a Chapel service and/or during a special event at your center. Please contact us for more details. I look forward to hearing from you soon."


Below you will find a Teen Challenge Letter of Recommendation for Brian Neal: (A PDF copy of the letter on Teen Challenge letterhead is available below as well)



SUBJECT: Recommendation of Brian Neal for special events

Dear Teen Challenge Director:


I am writing to give a hearty recommendation of Brian Neal for ministry in your Teen Challenge Center. Brian has ministered in various capacities at the Teen Challenge Training Center in Rehrersburg, PA over the past year. He is a gifted musician, speaker, worship leader, small group presenter, counselor, and recording artist.


Brian speaks in our chapel services on a recurring basis. Most recently he was the featured artist and keynote speaker at Celebrate 2010, our annual reunion, which has over 3,000 attendees over the course of the weekend. Brian has conducted small group seminars, worked one-on-one with students, and served as the main singer in gospel concerts. He is congenial, fits easily into diverse settings, flows smoothly with program changes, and is very affordable.


Brian has a powerful, Bible-focused testimony which he delivers passionately and clearly. He relates very well to the men and identifies with the challenges they have faced as well as with the dynamics of a Christian life.


Check out his website: http://briannealministries.com


I highly recommend him to you.




Rev. Joseph S. Batluck, Sr., D. Min.

President/Executive Director

Chaplain (Colonel) U.S. Army - Ret.


33 Teen Challenge Road

Rehrersburg, PA 19550